Saturday, July 25, 2020

Solemn Assembly Documents

Solemn Assembly Documents

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Documents to assist us with our preparation for the Solemn Assembly in September are now available on the Conference of Restoration Elders website,

The main document, 60 Days of Preparation - Preparing our lives to meet in Solemn Assembly, outlines sixty days of preparation, starting July 27, 2020. The other file, A Call To A Solemn Assembly – Overview, includes some basic information about the call and planning for the Solemn Assembly in September, a short description of what a solemn assembly is, and where to get more information. We encourage you to share this information with anyone who might have an interest in participating in the Solemn Assembly.

Also, the information contained in the above two files has been combined and will be printed and mailed out to those who receive the Tidings of Zion the middle of next week. We recognize that those receiving the printed version will be receiving it past the July 27 start date, and apologize for that.

If you have any questions concerning the Solemn Assembly, please email them to

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