Saturday, October 2, 2021

!!!Domestic Violence Awareness Month!!!

From: Abigail Cool

October 4, 2021

 !!!Domestic Violence Awareness Month!!!

CHURCH, you are not immune.
This evil is not just bumps and bruises, but the wielding of God's beautiful words to oppress and harm another human made in HIS image. It is alive and well in our churches. 1 in 3 women….
The best way to combat continued destruction in our family systems is to educate ourselves and speak out boldly.
Organizations, like Called to Peace Ministries, PeaceWorks, Betrayal Trauma Recovery, Triumphant Zion Ministries, Give Her WingsShine a Light on Domestic Violence Ministry are organizations that will come alongside you to help you build a plan and help those suffering from your silence! Choose today to take action in your church. Start the conversation. Let the doors of your church be a safe haven where victims are believed and can find peace, and abusers/perpetrators are held accountable to walk away from their sin! Don’t allow this to harm the hearts of children, wives, and future generations; stop the violence, stop the cycle, BREAK THE CHAINS!!
READ THAT AGAIN, are you convicted?

J. Abigail Cool
Triumphant Zion Ministries

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