Monday, October 4, 2021

Restored Gospel Podcast New Series

 From: Michael Barrett

Restored Gospel Podcast New Series
Jesus makes a statement in 3 Nephi 7 that when the gentiles reject the fullness of the gospel, He will bring it FROM them and take it TO the house of Israel. 

If you grew up similar to me, somewhere along the way I internalized this to mean the mainstream Christians and the world would refuse the Book of Mormon as being a divine book and consider it a work of man, thus rejecting the fullness of the gospel.  

We are told in D&C Section 42 as well as many other places that the fullness of the gospel is contained in the Book of Mormon and Bible.  In fact Section 34 states none doeth good except those who are ready to receive this gospel. 

The church was admonished in Section 83 that they were under condemnation and would remain so until they remembered the new covenant even the Book of Mormon, to say and do what is written in it. 

I wonder now , if the gentiles rejecting the fullness of the gospel , isn’t primarily the world or mainstream Christianity who may have been prejudiced against it from the start,  but perhaps the church who accepted the “book” but rejected the message, being soon removed to bigger and better understandings and things, other than the simple gospel.   A pattern throughout history. 

Join two friends having casual conversation about these things as we start a new series 
“Twenty truths of the Book of Mormon that the Mormons can’t teach and the Restoration doesn’t. “  We just released Episode 3 but all can be found below.  We hope you find these conversations a blessing and opportunity for the spirit to bring truth and understanding as we ponder together the “Fullness of the Gospel”

 Mike Barrett

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