Friday, October 8, 2021

Drug Rehab Issue

 From: Muriel Luedeman

Drug Rehab Issue

I received a response from a church friend regarding my post about stopping the installation of a drug rehab facility in our neighborhood.   

So, you believe that people who are on drugs should not be able to find help?  I thought you were trying to help the homeless and clean up the neighborhoods, but I guess as long as it is not your neighborhood.” 

It’s an honest question, worthy of clarification. What is happening here may happen in other neighborhoods. We must be prepared with charity and willingness to answer God’s will.  

I developed and encourage strategies for neighborhood care groups, and through the IIAW work for collective solutions for redemptive, comprehensive care to self-sufficiency for all people, especially the homeless Beloveds.   

Putting a 24/7, come and go, drug rehab facility next door and close to families with young children is not responsible and accountable thinking.  This area is already stressed by the churches trying to help the Beloveds. We suffer continually from crimes of all kinds because the drug culture foments crime. 

There are many levels of help in serving the Beloveds.  The company trying to buy the building has a poor and irresponsible track record in Kansas City doing rehab work.  

What we are praying for is God’s perfect will in all things.  In this case, I do not know what that will is, nor do my neighbors. We are seeing red flags all over this and want what is best for all. Neither the company in question, nor the mayor, has communicated with the neighbors in this area. We are having to dig for information about the project. Right now, there is a swirl of confusion and noise surrounding the situation. We know where that is coming from. We pray for calm, clarity, wisdom, light, and understanding in the middle of the noise. 

The question we must ask whoever purchases the building is, "Will what you do here be good for and protect our children and all residents in this neighborhood?” Drug crime stats surrounding the drug culture cannot be ignored. It's not a matter of if, but when an assault will occur. 

As we come together in prayer with God’s heart and will in mind, and not our own specific desires, we will be at peace with whatever comes from this situation. We want to be part of the solution to our city’s drug and homeless problem. It may be that some kind of rehab facility will go in there. If so, we will handle it as God’s will for us and the community, and assist, knowing we are working toward a breakthrough blessing. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of, and witness that in our community? 

I have contacted Team Jesus and Scott Stoner of Hands and Feet of Jesus about purchasing the building for a Beloveds’ projectAt the moment, the neighbors do not want any of that either.  

I learned yesterday that Team Jesus meets every Wednesday at 10:00am at New Covenant Ministries right next door east of the building. They have been praying for the city a long time. This is comforting. Praise God, He is in this already.  

I still want my neighbors to gather for prayer soon. That way, our hearts may come in alignment with God’s heart. This situation is a blessed opportunity for S. Main Street Neighborhood to bow before our God. It’s an answer to my prayers.  

Muriel Luedeman


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