Thursday, November 4, 2021

Neighborhood Transformation Movement is official!

From: Muriel Luedeman

Neighborhood Transformation Movement is official!

 Hello, Initiative and Unity Center Friends,

Saturday, November 6, 8-10am:  Meal Prep for Beloveds, Unity Center, 803 W. 23rd Street.
Saturday, November 6, 9-11am:  Alicia Grindstaff's Trash Pick Up at 4010-4020 S. Sterling Avenue/I-70, and 10:30amTeam Jesus Ministry to Beloveds, Quik Trip

November 13, 9-10:30am Neighborhood Clean Up Meet at Crysler Stadium, 23rd and Crysler. We will partner with Three Trails Neighborhood Transformation Group

Winter Clothing Drive for Beloveds, Bring coats, hand warmers, tents, gloves, hats, scarves, socks and boots to the Unity Center, 9-2, Monday through Wednesday.

The Unity Center has a new full color banner on the front of the center, proclaiming Jesus as Lord of Lords and indentifying the Unity Center of Independence.

Chrys Sevic, a new IIAW member, 1314 W, 25th Street, initiated her own Neighborhood and Group - Three Trails Neighborhood Transformation Group. Her first clean up event flyer is attached.  Chrys is our first neighbor to establish an official Neighborhood Transformation Group and organize a group clean up event. We will be joining her and her neighbors November 13th from 9-11am at Crysler Stadium, 23rd Street and Crysler.  

This was the vision for the Independence Is Alive and Well Initiative from the beginning, December 6, 2018, - to encourage our neighbors to partner together in creating a safe, clean, beautiful city. It is easy to create your own Neighborhood Transformation Care Group. We recommend IIAW members connecting with neighbors on your block - 12 - 15 homes. We do weekly Neighborhood Strategies Sessions to offer sharing time, encouragement and helpful information to neighbors interested in organizing ways to care for their neighbors. We meet at 2425 S. Crylser Avenue, upper level parking entrance, 6:30pm. Our goal is to create an active, diligent, citywide network of Neighborhood Transformation Groups, neighbor by neighbor, block by block, by the end of 2022. What might our goal number of groups be? 100? 1000? 3000? 5000?!

General George Patton: "Don't tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and let them surprise you with the results." 

Chrys Sevic: "WE are the CITY of Independence."

Thank you, Chrys, for your desire and dedication to your community! We are looking forward to working with Three Trails Neighborhood Transformation Group.

Muriel Luedeman

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