Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Urgent Financial Needs at Restoration Bookstore

 From: David Price

Urgent Financial Needs at Restoration Bookstore
Dear Saints,

Reprinting the Inspired Version
Selling the Inspired Version of the Bible is one of the Bookstore's most important functions.  However, inventory of this treasure is now so low that in a few short months, none will be available--unless we reprint them soon.  This gold-embossed, leather bound, thumb-indexed, ultra-high quality book bears the highest reprint costs of any other book in our inventory.  We estimate that over $40,000 will be needed to reprint it.

With the many other ongoing needs of maintaining the Bookstore, and the immediate need to reprint this book now, a long-term plan to gradually collect dedicated funds for this specific reprint over the next several years will not suffice.  Therefore, if it is to be reprinted before our inventory is depleted, donations will be needed soon for that purpose.

Please consider this urgent need to continue to make the finest and most historically accurate edition of the Inspired Version available for purchase in the future.

In December, the Restoration Bookstore must pay $10,000 in annual property taxes.  A special Christmas donation will help us to continue operating so that we may provide the Saints with materials to strengthen their faith in the Restored Gospel and prepare them for the Kingdom.  

Please remember that the IRS requires not-for-profit organizations, such as Price Publishing Company, to obtain the majority of their operating funds from donations--instead of from sales.  Any amount--no matter how large or small--will be greatly appreciated.

We are very grateful for the generosity of the Saints over the years in supporting the work being done at the Restoration Bookstore.  It has been only by this support that we have been able to continue to print materials that promote the fullness of the Gospel and that help us to prepare for Christ's coming and the redemption of Zion.

Donations may be sent to:
Restoration Book Store
915 E 23 Street
Independence MO 64055

Checks should be made payable to:
Price Publishing Co.
Thanks again for your consideration of our needs.
Price Publishing Company

Price Publishing Company Board:
David M. Price
Pamela Price
David Rock 
The Bookstore Staff

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