Saturday, November 20, 2021

New Book! Book of Mormon Gems for a Reader's Discovery

 From: Paul Ludy

New Book! Book of Mormon Gems for a Reader's Discovery

Frank L. Stribling, Jr., has produced this book containing highlights from the Book of Mormon.  It is 8.5x11" and has 120 pages.  It sells for $12.00.

Book of Mormon Gems for a Reader's Discovery is a condensed, easy-to-read summary of the Book of Mormon.  It contains gems of wisdom, counsel, and the way to have an abundant life.  It embraces and enhances the Christian faith.

This book follows the Book of Mormon story and teachings, giving references to RLDS and LDS numbering systems.  Throughout the book are paragraphs called "Gems," which identify important concepts.  The book will be of special interest for sharing with friends who are not familiar with the Book of Mormon.

Order with an e-mail to or a phone call to 816-210-8450.  One copy will mail for $3.00, or I will deliver in the Independence, MO, area for $2.00.

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