Saturday, November 20, 2021

Restored Gospel Podcast Special Guest

From: Michael Barrett

Restored Gospel Podcast Special Guest
Special Episode with Jon Tandy Guest

E152 Discussion on Eternal Life. 

Cory and I have often extended the invite to those who may have opposing views to what we discuss or at the very least questions, to join us.  We are happy to have   Elder Jon Tandy join us today as we discuss eternal life among other things.   Jon holds to a traditional view of the afterlife as taught in the RLDS church.  It is no secret Corey and I have often discussed the word contained in the Book of Mormon and how we feel it differs from tradition.

Regardless of our views, we had a great discussion today and all three of us agree that we did so with a love for each other and understanding of a common goal.  That we are pursuing truth and our God.   We also agree the goal is not, and should never be,  just to understand things the same way , but the pursuit of truth has a purpose and that is to change the heart of man to love God and to love each other.   Join us in this pursuit. 

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