Friday, September 3, 2021

Get Out Of Debt with Freedom Stewardship Ministries

From: Janet Dickson

Get Out Of Debt with Freedom Stewardship Ministries
Two years ago at the CRE Elders’ Conference, the body of Elders voted to create Freedom Stewardship Ministries. The ministry was established to assist the Saints in Livi g within the bounds of the Church’s law of stewardship. The staff of FSM is available to assist members in an understanding of what the Lord requires and to provide interest-free refinancing of high interest consumer loans. To date, FSM ministers have assisted many members and has refinances the debts of 8 families, saving them thousands of dollars.

This message is meant to appeal to families to raise their hands for help in freeing them from choking credit card balances. All discussions and assistance from FSM are confidential. No names are disclosed.

Please contact FSM if you want to save hundreds of dollars monthly and thousands of dollars over the years. You can be freed from the bondage of debt. Call now or encourage a family that needs help to call.

Call Bob Dickson at:

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