Friday, September 10, 2021

IIAW Activities and Information

 From: Muriel Luedeman

IIAW Activities and Information
Hello,  Initiative and Unity Center Friends,

Our upcoming volunteer opportunities:
Saturday, September 11, 8 - 10am, Meal Prep for Beloveds, Unity Center Cleaning, Litter Patrol at 40 Hwy from Sterling Avenue to I-70 overpass. Meet at the Unity Center, 803 W 23rd Street, Independence, MO
Saturday, September 18, 8 - 10am, Meal Prep for Beloveds, Litter Patrol at 40 Hwy and I-70.
Tuesday September 28, 6:30pm, IIAW Monthly Meeting, Unity Center

Backpacks are always needed for Beloveds. They go out as soon as they come into the Unity Center. If you have unwanted backpacks to recycle, drop them off at the Unity Center during admin hours, Monday - Wednesday, 9-2, or on Saturday mornings during project days. 

Please pray for a yet to be coordinated strategy meeting of Independence city officials, civic organizations, skilled professionals, churches, and ministries, centering around rehabbing the old McCune Home for Boys, to give comprehensive assistance to the Beloveds. A number of individuals have been working tirelessly this past year, gathering information and volunteer groups with special skills to transform the McCune facility. It's time all city entities and individuals have a meeting of minds and hearts on this matter.

I would like to address a statement I hear frequently about the Beloveds, and I have thought to myself. It is this: The homeless live that way by choice, therefore they are unwilling to change, and there is nothing we can do to help. This is an excuse to offer no help at all. It goes against all that a Christian and Saint should believe, as we know there is nothing impossible with God. Yes, there are a few who prefer to live a homeless life on purpose. A large majority, though, are where they are because of childhood trauma; they trust no one, and self medicate their pain with drugs and alcohol. They remain our children and citizens of Independence, deserving of all comprehensive help we can offer. Even those who are strangers in our community, God ordained and commanded us to bless and care for as though they are our own. All Beloveds deserve everyone's positive response by seeking solutions that guard their dignity, and offering help they will accept that does preserve their dignity. It is NOT easy. This assistance is beyond the skills most of us possess. It seems impossible, but the Holy Spirit knows all the answers to help every single problem, and will assist us, as we align ourselves with God, and come together in prayer to lift every Beloved up to Him for a blessing. It takes praise, and prayer, and earnest work, learning about, connecting with, and collaborating together on this matter of life and death. Let us step out in faith, offer what we know we can, connect with those with greater knowledge and experience, grow in strength and power through practice and trial and error, and we WILL have victory. Do pray for Divine ways and means of properly serving our suffering Beloveds, ALL of them. Who knows but that we will see God reclaim even those we think are unredeemable.

Praise Him! God is GOOD! His all powerful mercy endures forever!

Muriel Luedeman
Communications Secretary

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